Fresh Links Sundae – June 23, 2013 Edition Links Sundae encapsulates information I have come across during the past week. They maybe ITSM related or not quite. Often they are from the people whose work resonates with me, and I hope you will find them at least thought-provoking or something of value.

Just graduated and looking for a job? Bob Lewis has some excellent insights on how to position yourself to get the job. I think the same suggestions can also be beneficial to the more experienced job seekers. Commencement 2013 (IS Survivor Publishing)

Robert Stroud advocates that the meaningful IT metrics are those used to run the business. He suggests some questions to ask when creating dashboards to help drive business outcomes. Metrics to Drive Outcomes of Business Value! (CA Technologies)

Based on the feedback he received from a recent Forrester forum, George Colony outlines ten suggestions on how to use technology to win customers. 10 Things The CEO Can Do To Drive Digital (Forrester Blogs)

In IT,  we implement many processes to solve various problems or requests that come along. Patrick Gray points out that questioning and understanding why we perform a process in the first place is just as essential as assembling the process. Is your shop corrupted by unnecessary processes? (TechRepublic)

Asking the question of whether what he is sharing via the social media actually has any value to others, Tobias Nyberg explains why we should be selective with what we share. Do you clog your social media channels with useless crap? (The ITSM Review)

In an increasingly hyper-connected world with social media, Bret Simmons advocates the absolute necessity of operational excellence for any business. Operational Excellence (Positive Organizational Behavior)

Jim Taggart believes the top-down, compliance-oriented communication style is not as effective today as it was. He argues that today’s leaders should focus on an enrollment mindset where people follow an individual towards a shared vision. Creating Your Leadership Footprint through the Practice of LESS is MORE (ChangingWinds)

It’s hard to fix or improve something if you don’t know what is broken. Seth Godin reminds us that we should take the effort to understand fully what metrics in our businesses truly matters. Ping me when it’s broken (Seth’s Blog)

All other things being equal, what skills will help someone rise above the leadership pack? Marshall Goldsmith explains why the higher up you go – the more important your people skills become. Nice Guys Can Finish First (Marshall Goldsmith Personal Blog)

Here is an inspiring and uplifting story to close out the post. Susan Cramm shares her observations about the program Workforce Opportunity Services, which helps underserved young men and women gain access to educational and workplace opportunities for rewarding and robust careers. A Workplace Love Story (about Consulting) (Strategy+Business)