Analytics Alone is not Enough

We talked about how Analytics can be the next logical step beyond just simple measurements and metrics.

Analytics can help by highlighting potential correlations between data and giving us more opportunities in connecting the dots and reaching insights.

While analytics can move things forward in the positive direction, reaching an insight is nowhere guaranteed or assured.

Often, human decisions can be complex. Analytics is not the be-all and end-all mechanism for decision-making.

Machine learning tools can do many data wrangling, cleaning, transformation, and hyper parameter tuning tasks that are complex but not particularly creative.

It would be foolish to simply throw tons of data at the algorithms and just do what the machine learning application tells you to do.

This means leaders and managers need to understand how their organizations really work, from both quantitative and qualitative perspectives.

The qualitative perspective often provides additional context for the quantitative perspective.

Insights with the balanced quantitative and qualitative perspectives will likely be the most actionable.