Charlie Gilkey on Start Finishing, Part 1

In his book, Start Finishing: How to go from idea to done, Charlie Gilkey discusses how we can follow a nine-step method to convert an idea into a project and get the project done via a reality-based schedule.

These are some of my favorite concepts and takeaways from reading the book.

Chapter 1, “Someday” Can Be Today

In this chapter, Charlie set up his methodology by discussing why converting an idea into a project is the crucial first step. He offers the following views for us to think about:

  • We often know we are not working on what matters the most. “We don’t do ideas – we do projects. A project is anything that requires time, energy, and attention to complete.”
  • “We thrive by doing our best work.” When we are doing our best work, we will always be on the edge of our capabilities and comfort levels. The primary consideration is not how our best work will support our livelihood but how our best work fits into a meaningful life.
  • We can think of our projects as mirrors and bridges. Projects are mirrors because the things we choose to work on reflect what is going on in our inner and outer worlds.
  • Projects are also bridges because we can create our souls’ paths when we are doing the work.
  • Some people are blessed to have a narrow set of interests that propel them to take a specific path. Most of us seem to have a set of “scattered” interests as we have difficulty fitting ourselves into one easy label. We should embrace the reality that there is not just one domain for our best work. At the same time, every aspect of our interests we choose to dip into will require upkeep in the form of projects.
  • “We can create new realities for ourselves, but only when we let go of the idea that we’re uniquely defective.”