Charlie Gilkey on Start Finishing, Part 2

In his book, Start Finishing: How to go from idea to done, Charlie Gilkey discusses how we can follow a nine-step method to convert an idea into a project and get the project done via a reality-based schedule.

These are some of my favorite concepts and takeaways from reading the book.

Chapter 2, Getting to Your Best Work

In this chapter, Charlie discusses the five challenges that keep us from doing our best work. He also discusses the five keys that we can use to mitigate those challenges. He offers the following views for us to think about:

  • The five challenges are competing priorities, head trash, no realistic plan, too few resources, and poor team alignment.
  • The five keys to overcoming the challenges are:
    • Intention: We need to start by asking ourselves the question of “why.” We also need to have a concrete result in mind for the finish line of the project.
    • Awareness: Awareness is knowing our best work and the conditions under which we will do and produce our best work. It is all about knowing ourselves.
    • Boundaries: We need to set up boundaries for our best work and from the things that keep us from doing it. Without the boundaries, it will be easy for something else to come into our environment and displace our best work.
    • Courage: When we are doing our best work, we will face a continual stream of obstacles and chances to back down and hide. When fear surfaces, courage and the faith it inspires are our way out of hiding.
    • Discipline: Discipline help to channel our energy into purposeful, constructive actions towards our best work. Habits are discipline made automatic. Developing habits that are conducive to doing our best work is the reason why we practice discipline.
  • Some keys are more effective at overcoming a particular challenge than others.
  • The five keys are skills with which we can cultivate and practice every day.