Charlie Gilkey on Start Finishing, Part 10

In his book, Start Finishing: How to go from idea to done, Charlie Gilkey discusses how we can follow a nine-step method to convert an idea into a project and get the project done via a reality-based schedule.

These are some of my favorite concepts and takeaways from reading the book.

Chapter 10, Finish Strong

In this chapter, Charlie discusses how to conclude a project before jumping into the next project properly. He offers the following recommendations for us to think about:

  • Run a victory lap after the project. It is an important social activity that can rejuvenate our supporters and us.
  • Make the necessary space and time to transition between projects. The more project matters to us, the greater the need for downtime and transition time after finishing it.
  • Give ourselves CAT time, and it will make the next project easier because we will not be fighting the messes of our last project.
    • Clean up: First, make sense of what is around us regarding environmental, digital, and social factors.
    • Archive: Organize our environmental and digital stuff and store them in a way that can be retrieved without too much effort.
    • Trash: Throw away or delete environmental or digital stuff we no longer need for our next project.
  • After-action reviews (AARs) make every project a learning experience at the same time that they set you up for tremendous success in future projects. Ask ourselves:
    • What went well?
    • What setbacks, challenges, and missteps did we experience?
    • What did we learn?
    • What habits, practices, or routines do we want to keep doing going forward?
    • Were there any crucial difference-makers to the project that we should consider for our future projects?
  • Finishing a best-work project can unlock new realities. When it comes to our best work, we start finishing before success and after success. That is all there is to it and all there can ever be. Days spent doing our work compound to create a thriving life.