Steven Pressfield on Put Your Ass Where Your Heart Wants to Be, Part 8

In the book, Put Your Ass Where Your Heart Wants to Be, Steven Pressfield shares his inspiration and techniques to help us make the life-altering transformation.

These are some of my favorite takeaways from reading the book.

When we decide to put our ass where our heart wants to be, it is not enough to commit. We need to engage all the way with a full breadth of commitment. We must be in all the way.

Often, it is not enough to simply produce the art of the work. We want the work to matter to some people. We must market our work to allow other people to get to know it.

The only way to market our work is to be its champion. Only we can be the true champion of our work of art.

“Putting your ass where your heart wants to be means putting it out there where the world can judge it – and doing it in the smartest and most appealing way possible,” said Steve.

Marketing is also about fulfilling the promise of shipping the work. We will need to set a deadline. The work will not ship when it is perfect. The work will ship because we said it would.

When it is time to ship the work, we must put on our killer instinct. We need our killer instinct because we need to overcome the Resistance. Resistance is always most vigorous at the finish line.

“Killer instinct is not negative when we use it to finish a book, a screenplay, or any creative project that is fighting us and resisting to the bitter end.”

The killer instinct allows us to steel ourselves and put the Resistance out of its misery.

In other words, we ship the work!