Annie Duke on Quitting, Part 1

In her book, Quit: The Power of Knowing When to Walk Away, Annie Duke shares her inspiration and recommendations to help us make better decisions.

These are some of my favorite recommendations from reading the book.

Chapter 1 The Opposite of a Great Virtue is also a Great Virtue

“We tend to celebrate people who respond to adversity by soldiering on. The quitters, in comparison, are invisible.”

“If we don’t notice the decision-making of the quitters, it’s hard to learn from them.”

“Quitting a course of action is sometimes the best way to win in the long run, whether you’re cutting your losses at the poker table or getting to climb another day.”

“Quit and grit are two sides of the exact same decision.”

“Decision-making in the real world requires action without complete information. Quitting is the tool that allows us to react to new information that is revealed after we make a decision.”

“Sticking with a course of action is the only way to find out for sure how it will turn out. Quitting requires being okay with not knowing what might have been.”

“Having the option to quit helps you to explore more, learn more, and ultimately find the right things to stick with.”