Annie Duke on Quitting, Part 9

In her book, Quit: The Power of Knowing When to Walk Away, Annie Duke shares her inspiration and recommendations to help us make better decisions.

These are some of my favorite recommendations from reading the book.

Chapter 9 Find Someone Who Loves You but Does Not Care about Hurt Feelings

“Optimism makes you less likely to walk away while not actually increasing your chances of success. That means that being overly optimistic will make you stick to things longer that aren’t worthwhile. Better to be well calibrated.”

“Life’s too short to spend your time on opportunities that are no longer worthwhile.”

“When someone is on the outside looking in, they can usually see your situation more rationally than you can.”

“The best quitting coach is a person who loves you enough to look out for your long-term well-being. They are willing to tell you the hard truth even if it means risking hurt feelings in the short term.”

“Decisions about when to quit improve when the people who make the decisions to start things are different from the people who make the decisions to stop those things.”

“Getting the most out of a quitting coach requires permission to speak the truth.”