Annie Duke on Quitting, Part 10

In her book, Quit: The Power of Knowing When to Walk Away, Annie Duke shares her inspiration and recommendations to help us make better decisions.

These are some of my favorite recommendations from reading the book.

Chapter 10 Lessons from Forced Quitting

“Being forced to quit forces you to start exploring new options and opportunities. But you should start exploring before you’re forced to.”

“Even after you have found a path that you want to stick to, keep doing some exploration. Things change, and whatever you are doing now may not be the best path for you to pursue in the future. Having more options gives you something to switch to when the time is right.”

“Exploration helps you to diversify your portfolio of skills, interests, and opportunities.”

“A diversified portfolio helps to protect you against uncertainty.”

“Backup plans are good to have especially because some backup plans can turn out to be better than what we’re already pursuing.”