Final Fantasy XIV Notes

Final Fantasy XIV Notes

Class/Job Openers or Rotations

Dungeon Notes

The Stigma Dreamscape90Tanking Notes
Smileton90Tanking Notes
The Dead Ends90Tanking Notes
The Aitiascope89Tanking Notes
Ktisis Hyperboreia87Tanking Notes
Vanaspati85Tanking Notes
The Tower of Babil83Tanking Notes
The Tower of Zot81Tanking Notes
Paglth’an80Tanking Notes
Akadaemia Anyder80Tanking Notes
The Twinning80Tanking Notes
Matoya’s Relict80Tanking Notes
The Heroes’ Gauntlet80Tanking Notes
Anamnesis Anyder80Tanking Notes
The Grand Cosmos80Tanking Notes
Amaurot80Tanking Notes
Mt. Gulg79Tanking Notes
Malikah’s Well77Tanking Notes
The Qitana Ravel75Tanking Notes
Dohn Mheg73Tanking Notes
Holminster Switch71Tanking Notes
The Ghimlyt Dark70Tanking Notes
The Burn70Tanking Notes
The Drowned City of Skalla70Tanking Notes
Ala Mhigo70Tanking Notes
Castrum Abania69Tanking Notes
Doma Castle67Tanking Notes
Bardam’s Mettle65Tanking Notes
Shisui of the Violet Tides63Tanking Notes
The Sirensong Sea61Tanking Notes
Sohr Khai60Tanking Notes
The Antitower60Tanking Notes
The Aetherochemical Research Facility60Tanking Notes
The Great Gubal Library59Tanking Notes
The Vault57Tanking Notes
The Aery55Tanking Notes
Sohm Al53Tanking Notes
The Dusk Vigil51Tanking Notes
The Wanderer’s Palace50Tanking Notes
The Aurum Vale47Tanking Notes
Dzemael Darkhold44Tanking Notes
The Stone Vigil41Tanking Notes
Cutter’s Cry38Tanking Notes
The Sunken Temple of Qarn35Tanking Notes
Brayflox’s Longstop32Tanking Notes
Haukke Manor28Tanking Notes
The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak24Tanking Notes
Halatali20Tanking Notes
Copperbell Mines17Tanking Notes
The Tam-Tara Deepcroft16Tanking Notes
Sastasha15Tanking Notes

Trial Notes

The Seat of Sacrifice80Tanking Notes
The Dying Gasp80Tanking Notes
The Crown of the Immaculate79Tanking Notes
The Dancing Plague73Tanking Notes
Castrum Fluminis70Tanking Notes
Royal Menagerie70Tanking Notes
The Howling Eye44Tanking Notes
The Navel34Tanking Notes
The Bowl of Embers20Tanking Notes

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