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Fresh Links Sundae

Fresh Links Sundae encapsulates some pieces of information I have come across during the past week. They maybe ITSM related or not entirely. Often they are from the people whose work I admire, and I hope you will find something of value.

While ITIL is still the framework of choice for many infrastructure and operations organizations, Stephen Mann suggested that ITIL plus another framework or strategy is needed. USMBOK may be the second framework used in conjunction with ITIL. It’s Time To Realize That “ITIL Is Not The Only Fruit” (Forrester Blogs » Stephen Mann)

CEO of a large retail chain visited Bob Sutton’s Stanford class and talked about the customer service warning signs that can be hard to tell from operational statistics alone. Perhaps we in IT also need to develop similar metrics for our customer service efforts? Greetings and Bathrooms: One CEO’s Metrics for Retail Stores (Bob Sutton)

Daniel Burrus discussed some approaches to transform and save the U.S. manufacturing sector. I believe all of the suggested approaches can also be used for the continual improvement effort in IT. How to Save the Manufacturing Sector (Strategic Insights Blog)

Jeff Wayman suggested five common areas where a Service Desk could automate, in turn increasing productivity for both the customers and the staff. Free Weekends for the 24-Hour Help Desk (ITSM Lens)

Marshall Goldsmith talked about how the action of commitment to quality speaks much louder than common buzzwords such as “empowerment” or “customer delight.” Putting Quality on the Line (Marshall Goldsmith)

Gina Smith discussed that, while all the breathless coverage of the consumerization trend taking place, one recent study maybe debunking some of the myths. Five consumerization of IT myths debunked, maybe (TechRepublic)

Something Seth Godin said in this blog got me thinking — the same situation can also be said for IT. We have been operating IT a certain way for a long time. Maybe it is time to take some fresh thinking or different approaches. The map has been replaced by the compass (Seth Godin’s Blog)

Robert “Transformed” Stroud discussed how the increasing business’ involvement in selecting/using information technologies will force some transformational influence upon IT. IT will transform or be transformed (CA on Service Management)

Charles Betz discussed how using enterprise architecture techniques can help to develop an understanding of an IT management system and how it needs to evolve. Too Many Tools: Integrating a New IT Management System (Charles Betz)

Because this is the Academy Awards weekend, Wired Magazine gave some instruction on how to throw a geek Oscars party. Throw a Geek Oscars Party (Wired)

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