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Fresh Links Sundae – July 22, 2012 Edition

Fresh Links Sundae encapsulates some pieces of information I have come across during the past week. They maybe ITSM related or not entirely. Often they are from the people whose work resonates with me, and I hope you will find something of value.

Organizations call their service desk function by different names, Jeff Wayman advocated that name is not as important as how you deliver the services and offered five areas to think about. Help Desk, Service Desk – 5 Items That Matter More (ITSM Lens)

By failing to build relationships and to educate business through meaningful discussions, Bob Lewis explained why IT made it easier for business to bypass it. Why “the business” bypasses IT (IS Survivor Publishing)

Leveraging from his experience of helping IT managers, Jay Long suggested eight things that IT operations managers should avoid doing. IT Improvement: The 8 Commandments for an IT Operations Manager (Plexent Blog)

Met during the recent Knowledge12 conference, April Allen of KnowledgeBird and Jarod Greene of Gartner sat down and chatted about Greene’s work and the upcoming IT Service Support Management (ITSSM) Magic Quadrant study. The players haven’t changed, but the game has (The ITSM Review)

With many organizations cutting IT investment and under-cutting their capability to compete, Susan Cramm suggested what organizations can do to get back on track. You Can’t Cut Your Way to Success (Valuedance)

If you are working on putting together a process assessment exercise for your continual service improvement practice, Alicia Choo posted a couple of sample documents that may help in your endeavor. My take on ITSM and IT Governance: Continual Service Improvement (Choofca’s Brain Dump)

Taking an excerpt from a Global Knowledge white paper, Errol Thomas explained how relationship can strengthen a business analyst’s effectiveness. For the Business Analyst: Why Relationships Trump All! (Global Knowledge Training Blog)

Reflecting on his past interactions with the late Stephen R. Covey, Greg McKeown talked how Covey’s teaching and pursuit to make a difference had inspired him. Stephen R. Covey Taught Me Not to Be Like Him (Harvard Business Review)

To support an organization’s needs to sustain and to grow, Jeff DeGraff outlined seven areas where leaders can fail and how to improve their odds of succeeding. The Seven Deadly Sins of Innovation Leaders [] (Management Innovation eXchange)

Having access to a well-matched career coaches can be invaluable to one’s career, Kathy Simmons gave suggestions on how to find a career coach that is right for you. How Do You Find the Right Career Coach? (The Executive Update)